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Okay so- you may be wondering why we're driving another Dodge Challenger when we just drove one back in August.

Well, the reasons for that are quite straightforward:

1. We love driving and reviewing rear-wheel drive, V8-powered muscle cars.

2. This Challenger R/T is loaded with Mopar peformance accessories (okay, the shifter and gas cap don't add any performance, but the rest of them do) and we're anxious to see how they impact the performance of a car that has impressive credentials with zero modifications.

So, with that said it should be interesting to see if $4,000-plus worth of Mopar performance bits are really worth the investment. Check back on Friday for our answer.

In the meantime, check out the basic specs and the list of Mopar add-ons below.

Basic specs:

- 5.7L HEMI V8
- 6-speed Tremec manual transmission
- front engine / rear-wheel drive
- 370 horsepower / 395 lb-ft. of torque
- 0-100 km/h in 5 seconds (est.)

Base price / as tested:

$39,895 / $49,795 (incl. $1,795 destination & Mopar accessories listed below)

Mopar Accessories:

- Suspension upgrade kit ($861)
(shocks, springs, isolators, rear strut mounts)
- Front strut tower brace kit ($408)
- Cold air intake ($615)
- Mopar gas cap ($263)
- Short-throw shifter ($193)
- Cat-back exhaust ($2,020) 

 20161024 132000

Photography by Lee Bailie