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Villeneuve Energizes the Motorsports Expo – What’s His Future?

For the past two years Glenn Butt has staged a mid-winter auto racing show here in Toronto called the Canadian Motorsports Expo. Given that those two shows were less than resounding successes, it would have been no surprise if he had thrown in the towel. However, Butt – with strong support from his

The Petty brand lives on – but what about Kyle?

The venerable Petty Enterprises, which traces its history back to Lee Petty whose first NASCAR race was in 1949, finally closed its doors for good this month. Yes they ‘merged’ with Gillett Evernham Motorsports and changed the name to Richard Petty Motorsports, but there’s not much except the Petty

Exciting Daytona 24-hour race a strong kick off to the 2009 season

The Daytona 24-hour race is the traditional kick-off to the new season each year. This year, given all the bad news about the economy, there has been much speculation about the harmful effect this will have on the racing. Indeed, one observer predicted that we might see only a half-dozen or so

A wins-based championship for Formula One? Yes!

This winter Bernie Ecclestone has been advocating a new championship schema for Formula One – one that would award the drivers’ championship to the driver who scored the most wins during the season. He calls it a ‘medals’ championship in which the top three finishers (the ‘podium winners’) would be

Full IndyCar season to be broadcast on TSN and TSN2 in 2009

When the IRL announced plans to broadcast the majority of their 2009 races on the cable network VERSUS last fall – a channel we cannot get here in Canada – Canadian race fans were left wondering how they were going to be able to watch these races on television. This week TSN has answered in the

The Gatorade Duels – pretty much meaningless

I’m writing this after today’s time trials for next Sunday’s Daytona 500. Under normal circumstances, the entire 43-car starting lineup for the race would now be set. But the Daytona 500 is different. In keeping with a long-established tradition, we are going to have pair of qualifying races next

The Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame? Boom or Bust?

The Canadian Motorsports Hall of Fame (CMHF) seems like a good idea. It recognizes and honours deserving individuals for their contribution to Canadian motorsports. However, over the years, the Hall of Fame operation has been surrounded by controversy and has seemed to stagger along struggling for

NASCAR 2009: Two races down and the sky hasn’t fallen yet.

With the world economy in such obvious trouble just now, it was easy to expect the worst for auto racing this year. NASCAR is the big player in America and we started hearing about teams cutting back, laying off people, merging and shutting their doors before the final race was run last fall. It


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