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BMW Motorrad Experience


More Than Just Advanced Technology

They might not sell the most bikes on the road, and they may not be cleaning up in Motos around the world but BMW Motorrad has some of the most stylish and efficient bikes on the market today without question. It is common belief in North America that BMW

A breakaway Grand Prix Series? Shades of the CART-IRL split?

This weekend things seem to have come to a climax in the power struggle between Max Mosley and the FIA and FOTA, an alliance of the major manufacturer F1 teams. On Friday, FOTA announced that they had reached impasse with the FIA and that their group was planning to step away from the FIA Formula

Sprint Cup in the Irish Hills of Michigan – random observations

So I have finally gotten down to commenting on my experiences at the Cup race in Michigan last weekend. The Michigan International Speedway, is the closest big oval for Toronto-area fans and the promoters claim that despite some fall-off in the total number of fans in attendance the numbers of

Who holds the world’s closed course record? A.J. Foyt

On May 13, Bill Elliot got behind the wheel of a hopped up Mustang in an attempt to set some kind of lap record speed at Talladega. The publicity surrounding this stunt was just another chapter in the sad history of unwarranted claims surrounding “closed course” speed records.

This car had already

Race Fans suffer from television blackouts

For many race fans in Canada who rely being able to watch their favourite races on television, this has been a year of frustration.

In recent years, Formula One fans in Canada have had the luxury of choosing between the broadcasts produced by SPEED in the United States with a team of US-based

NASCAR’s Banquet moving to Las Vegas?

Will NASCAR’s year-end awards banquet move to from New York city to Las Vegas this year? Las Vegas NASCAR writer Jeff Wolf is reporting in the Las Vegas Review-Journal that it’s a done deal. Others are speculating that the official announcement will come during the Phoenix race weekend later in

The Next Step Episode 3


Episode 3: PRN Readers Respond to Our Newest Correspondent


I noticed you mentioned in your last article that you host the Kensai racing days. Sure 245 horsepower isn’t a lot, but then again isn’t the Honda you have like a cage on wheels? I heard that there were several pretty crazy

NASCAR 2009: Doom and Gloom?

Since the stock market tanked last fall, it seems as if everything has gone into a tail spin. Having seen the CEOs of the Detroit Three in Washington begging for handouts lest their once-mighty automotive companies collapse within weeks, you can’t help wondering what 2009 holds for auto racing.



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