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Some Epic Racing Quotes

To start, I’d actually like to quote a hockey player, Mark Messier, from the Lay’s commercials.
– “Betcha can’t quote just one…”
I can’t!

#5 – Oshweken Mini-Stock driver Dave Bailey, 1996. After doing a pirouette on the nose of his four cylinder racer during a huge crash on the front straight

The Next Step Episode 4

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Episode 4: You, Your Car and the Track


Hi Aaron,
I’m about to make my debut in car racing (Formula Vee). I have no previous racing experience other than attending 3 racing schools in the last 10 years. My major concern is how to “safely” find the limit of the car at a new track. Basically

Acceleration School with Clint McBain

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Stop it Right There!

Ever since the year 2000, motorcycle technology has been on a rapid incline. First, we enjoyed the benefits of fuel injection, allowing a motorcycle’s engine to run perfectly regardless of the environment. Then along came radial mount brakes, which dramatically

Montoya’s Brush with NASCAR’s Pit Road Speed Limit

So Juan Montoya gets a speeding penalty at Indianapolis and he is robbed of his near-certain victory. Was it his fault – or was it NASCAR’s?

Last weekend it looked like a certainty that Juan Montoya would continue to dominate the NASCAR Cup race at Indianapolis to the end and score an important

From Engineering to Art


Harley Davidson Enters the New Millennium

Harley Davidson has been at the forefront of the cruising motorcycle lifestyle for decades. Since well before they became part of the pop-culture in Hollywood blockbusters like Easy Rider, they were the choice of every rider looking for a free

Acceleration School with Clint McBain


Downshifting & Blipping

Well, we’re half way through summer and I’m sure many of you readers have seen at least 20 days of good riding so far. If not, what are you doing? Even I have more than 20 days of street riding this summer, not to mention all the race events and track

Acceleration School with Clint McBain

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Now that we are late into the riding season and many of you already have several thousand miles on your bikes, I’m sure there are a few of you that need to think about replacing your worn tires. If you find yourself in this situation, I’m sure you’ve

Unleash the Fury

The 2010 Fury, Honda’s Bold Chopper Entry.

Honda built its brand in North America by marketing a new image for people who rode motorcycles. ‘You meet the nicest people on motorcycles’ became synonymous with Honda during the early years and at the time helped change the social image of what a


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