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Sponsorship 101

Will Power celebrates with his crew after winning the 2010 Honda Grand Prix of St. Petersburg.

It seems everyone and their uncle offers advice these days about how to get sponsorship, all you have to do is pay $199.95 to unlock the secrets they have found. Well I’m here to tell you that there are no secrets to attracting and keeping sponsorship. And although it’s impossible to share

The Next Step Episode 8

Irish Mike's Racing driver Michael Flynn.

Episode 8: Racecraft

Dear Aaron,

Two years ago I graduated from lapping days to racing. The differences I’ve experienced since I moved up such as using the entire track (and then some), driving off line, earlier apexes, higher slip angles and deeper braking has been fantastic. But, not having

The Next Step Episode 7

How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie

Episode 7: “How long is a piece of string?”


Dear Aaron,

I was reading your response to A.J. from Winnipeg, MB in the July/August 2009 issue. I am in his same position (but 29), wanting to drive a race car but not sure where to start. I have looked at several series, and I am not

The Next Step Episode 6


Episode 6:....“kinda shakes when you break the sound barrier…”


In episode five I rambled on about the joy of oversteer for so long that I didn’t have enough room for a photo journal section. So, with that in mind, I decided to spend this episode sharing more stories of the incredible

Going Green: 25th Anniversary of the Ninja

Prior to 1984, motorcycle technology seemed to be lagging in terms of progress. Post-war bikes from around the world looked and performed essentially the same. Anything remotely fast had been highly modified and usually reserved for the race track. Consumers didn’t have the race-ready bikes they

The Next Step Episode 5


Episode 5: The Joy of Oversteer


Dear Aaron,
When a car gets sideways (oversteer or fish tailing), in order to correct it do you turn the steering wheel half a turn or more or less? How do you get the feeling of what the car is doing?

Pierre Siaramsed

Hello Pierre,

FIA’s new President. Does it matter who wins?


October 19, 2009: This week, Max Mosley will be replaced as president of the FIA. So what?

The FIA is an international umbrella organization which represents the national motoring organizations (like the CAA) and the national motorsports organizations (such as the so-called ASN-Canada) from around

Danica Patrick: What’s all the fuss about?

It looks like all the buzz about Danica Patrick, the IndyCar driver who has had decent but not outstanding success, moving to NASCAR or even to Formula One next year has finally died down. At the recent IndyCar event at Sonoma she pretty well confirmed that she plans to stay with the Andretti team


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