Raging Lambo Bull Come To Oil Town

Written by Ignition Staff on .

Ignition Calgary-Lamborghini-showroom-main-north-face

Calgary – Land of faux-cowboys, oily minded petro-corps and the male of the cow family – the bull. Whereas the latter enjoys violently dislodging cowfolk over the course of the Calgary Stampede, the city’s newest shop of bull prefers its clients encased in carbon fibre, Alcantara and 600+ horses of the Italian variety.

Designed by architects MTA, with the build by Chandos, the new Lamborghini dealership in Calgary’s southwest features angular black on white, minimalistic architecture set out over a challenging, narrow plot. While the first floor features Aventadors, Huracans and Gallardos the second is populated by premiere vintage rides and Lotus models. Koenigsegg is also available through the store on special order.

Ignition Calgary-Lamborghini-SW-full-buldng

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