Nissan Pathfinder Hybrid officially dead, unofficially considering Rogue Hybrid and smaller crossover instead

Written by Michael Bettencourt on .

2014 Pathfinder Hybrid resized rear

Nissan Canada confirmed recently that the hybrid version of its Pathfinder crossover has been killed, one of the few seven-seat vehicles available as a hybrid, which debuted for the 2014 model year.

“Today's SUVs are more fuel efficient than ever before and thus bridge the gap between hybrid and conventional powertrains engines,” wrote Nissan Canada spokesperson Heather Meehan in an email, by way of official reasoning behind the decision. “Nissan wanted to reduce the complexity of the Pathfinder line-up so that dealers can offer the right product at the right place at the right time.”

Its upscale sibling, the Infiniti QX60 Hybrid, is still available by special order in Canada, though Meehan didn’t confirm whether or not that availability would continue into 2016.

Pathfinder Hybrid engine resizedOn the other hand, industry bible Automotive News wrote that Nissan has unofficially confirmed that a hybrid version of the compact Rogue crossover is slated to arrive in 2016. A slightly smaller but sleeker version of the Rogue is also in the works, based on the European Qashqai, which shares the same platform as the Rogue, but is roughly 22 cm shorter overall.

The Qashqai has less passenger and cargo room than the Rogue, but will be touted for its sportier styling and better fuel economy, reported the trade journal, citing two sources familiar with Nissan’s product plans, with no official word from Nissan forthcoming.

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