Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept Unveiled

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Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept

Hyundai today unveiled its design direction for future premium vehicles with its HCD-14 Genesis concept at the North American International Auto Show in Detroit, Michigan. With sales of 1,206 units, 2012 marked the best year yet for the Genesis luxury sedan in Canada. The HCD-14 Genesis concept builds on this success, showcasing dynamic styling elements and advanced features which could one day be found in Hyundai premium models. HCD-14 Genesis was created by the Hyundai Design North America studio in California.

Fluidic Precision Design

HCD-14 Genesis conveys a fluidic-precision, liquid-metal design language. Craftsmanship and quality are conveyed via gemstone-like design surfaces. A bold front fascia surrounds brushed metal grille surfaces with a deep vertical grille opening. The rear corners of the hood incorporate heat extractor design accents that integrate seamlessly with the side mirrors. From the side profile view, classic rear-drive sport sedan proportions are conveyed by an extended dash-to-axle length, short overhangs, large-diameter wheels, a sharply-tapered greenhouse, and a short rear deck. The large wheels were developed from a mix of premium lightweight alloys with carbon fiber surrounding the voided areas of the wheel design.

Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept

“We instilled HCD-14 Genesis with a premium-sport 4-door coupe road presence,” said Christopher Chapman, chief designer, Hyundai Design North America. “Its sleek and lightweight silhouette does not punish the wind, but uses fluidic precision with dramatic surfacing that conveys natural restraint. Inside, a driver-centric cockpit prioritizes dramatic sculpture over infotainment button overload. Laminated and milled-wood detailing delivers a fresh, topographical map-like visual interest throughout the cabin-length centre console.”

Rear-Hinged Rear Door Cabin Access

Opening the rear door reveals a rear-hinged configuration, with a single, oversized, brushed-aluminum hinge articulating diagonally from the rear door cutline. With both doors open, the cabin of the HCD-14 Genesis is inviting and spacious. Inside, a double-cresting-wave centre console design carries from the instrument panel through to the rear seats. This design-wave theme further influences the interior door handles and rear headrest hoods. The vehicle’s gauges and driver data are displayed via an eclectic fusion of both analog and digital sources, with aviation-derived design cues. The driver-focused cockpit offers an asymmetrical centre stack, with critical driving functions separated from passenger comfort functions. The centre console even includes an iPad® tablet storage station, keeping it secure while driving.

Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept

Active Driver Safety Technology

While the HCD-14 Genesis exterior design makes a bold statement, the driver’s environment is where its technological innovation breaks new ground. Ergonomics engineers have eliminated the traditional centre stack, developing an intuitive driver interface system that allows HCD-14 drivers to keep their eyes on the road. Freed from traditional design restrictions, designers crafted a control layout devoid of distracting clusters of buttons and knobs. Using state-of-the-art driver eye-tracking and 3-D hand-gesture recognition, HCD-14 Genesis is able to recognize driver commands without the use of manual controls. Once a specific feature is selected via eye-tracking, thumb controls or gesture recognition can be used to select navigation, infotainment, audio, HVAC, and even smartphone connectivity functions. Using a windshield head-up display (HUD), this intuitive interface provides drivers with complete control while keeping their eyes safely above the cowl plane for minimal driving distraction. This proprietary interface represents Hyundai’s vision for future vehicle human-machine interface (HMI) and sets a new benchmark in active driver safety technology.

Direct-Injected Tau V8 Power

Tau-V8To compliment the vehicle’s advanced handling technologies, the HCD-14 Genesis features Hyundai’s award-winning Tau V8 engine. This sophisticated 5.0-litre V8 features Gasoline Direct Injection (GDI) and Dual Continuously Variable Valve Timing (D-CVVT) for impressive power, low emissions, and surprising efficiency. HCD-14 Genesis uses optical recognition to identify the driver and initiate the starting sequence, while gear selection for the 8-speed automatic transmission is performed via paddle shifters. The vehicle’s exhaust is ceramic-lined and tuned for minimal backpressure, maximum horsepower at high engine speeds, and a deep baritone note. Cooling fins are integrated into the ultra-wide exhaust tips.

Driver-Centric Vehicle Dynamics

HCD-14 Genesis vehicle dynamics take the driver to a new level of involvement, focus, and control. An ultra-rigid chassis with strategic use of high tensile-strength steel provides a vault-like platform for the rear-drive powertrain. The sophisticated five-link suspension system reduces the effect of suspension travel on camber and toe for consistent cornering grip. A multi-mode power steering system retains the road feel and feedback of a hydraulic system while providing the efficiency benefits of an electric system. Low-profile performance tires offer strong turn-in response, mid-corner grip, and road feel. A sophisticated yaw-control system provides multiple driver-selected options for various road conditions and driving preferences.

Hyundai HCD-14 Genesis Concept

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