Honda unveils revamped Civic

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2013 Honda Civic EX-L Navi f34 small

Honda pulled the curtains off the 2013 Honda Civic at the LA Auto Show, with a facelift that gives the sporty mid-size car a newly designed, low-slung front fascia, redesigned trunk and taillights and standard 17-inch wheels for EX models and up.

The interior receives a completely new instrument panel, dashboard system, heated seats (LX and above) and auto climate control. For the first time, the Civic will also come with an optional all-black interior.

Speaking to the media at the Canadian Head Office, Civic Project Planner Jonathan Weir said that each upgrade was carefully chosen from a list of customer requests for the new vehicle, with the highest request being heated seats, now standard on all models.

The Accord-inspired Civic should appeal to wider audience with the trim and upgrade options available. The company announced that pricing on the 2013 edition will raise just $450 from the 2012 base LX price of $17,740. Sale dates will begin December 10 for the Sedan and Coupe, January for the Si Coupe, February for the Si Sedan and April for the Hybrid version.


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