Car Care Buyers Guide 2014

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Autoglym Aqua WaxAutoglym
Aqua Wax
$21.99 |

Aqua Wax is for quickly topping up existing sealants and wax following a wash. It is perfect if you are in a hurry and only adds a couple of minutes to the overall washing and drying time. Aqua Wax can be applied to all exterior surfaces, including paint, rubber, plastic and glass.


Rapid Detailer
$14.99 |

Rapid Detailer removes light dirt, restores shine and leaves a layer of polymeric protection on surfaces. If your car is in between clean and dirty, Rapid Detailer is perfect. It will not remove or affect polishes, waxes or sealants and actually tops up existing protection.


Autoglym Surface Detailing Clay SystemAutoglym
Surface Detailing Clay System
$34.99 |

The Surface Detailing Clay System removes all bonded contaminants from your paintwork allowing for a deeper, more durable shine and is an essential step if you are serious about paintwork preparation.


Super Resin Polish
$19.99 |

Super Resin Polish restores gloss to dull surfaces. Light scratches, swirls, stains and scuffs vanish leaving your paintwork like new. It is suitable for all types and colours of paint. It is simple to use and will never dry hard or become difficult to remove.


Black-Magic-Aluminum-Wheel-CleanerBlack Magic 
Aluminum Wheel Cleaner 
$6.99 |

The only 3-in-1 wheel cleaning formula that cleans, polishes and protects aluminum wheels from dirt, road grime and brake dust particles. The formula is designed with a pH level that is safe for all aluminum wheels but maximizes cleaning power to remove dust and grime and restore that show room shine.


Black-Magic-Chrome-Wheel-CleanerBlack Magic
Chrome Wheel Cleaner
$6.99 |

Formulated specifically to safely get the maximum shine out of chrome wheels. Designed with a PH level that won’t harm delicate chrome, it is safe to use on all chrome wheels and easily removes road grim and brake dust to maximize the luster of chrome.


Black-Magic-Wheel-Cleaner-WipesBlack Magic 
Wheel Cleaner Wipes 
$6.99 |

An easy-to-use solution for nagging brake dust and grime. Used between heavy-duty cleanings to maximize shine or as a convenient all-purpose cleaner, the wipes easily remove dust, dirt and grime on-the-go. Each wipe is loaded with Black Magic’s ph balanced No Scrub Wheel Cleaner formula so it is safe for all wheels and backed by our Ultimate Shine Guarantee.


Multi-System Tune-Up
$8.99 | 

The most advanced engine treatment technology available today. The versatile treatment is the only multi-system additive that can treat the complete fuel system in any engine type. Designed for today’s engines, it is formulated with a special blend of premium cleaning agents, anti-oxidants and corrosion inhibitors that can be used in the fuel tank, crank case or directly in the fuel rail. This powerful new treatment is proven in ASTM test to improve performance when used in gasoline, diesel, biodiesel, E85 and motor oil.



Professional Strength Carpet and Upholstery Cleaner

$5.99 |

This powerful cleaner has best-in-class stain removal capabilities for automotive carpets, upholstery and floor mats. This advanced formula is easy to use and quickly removes common stains such as coffee, grease, ketchup and lipstick. Its fast acting foam penetration ensures fast stain-fighting qualities that will treat the affected area before letting the stain set in. Featuring a fast drying solution it is perfect for busy enthusiasts who are always on the go making it a fantastic multi-tasking tool for interior maintenance. 


Black Label Diamond Surface Coating
$129.99 |

Pinnacle Black Label Diamond Surface Coating is a ceramic coating that creates an extremely glossy, impermeable layer of protection on your vehicle’s paint, glass and wheels. Formulated using the most concentrated blend of nano-glass ceramic particles available in a coating, Diamond Surface Coating shields your vehicle against UV rays, airborne contaminants, acid rain, road salt and other common pollutants that plague a daily driver.



2-in-1 Glass Cleaner + Rain Repellent Wipes

$5.99 |

New and improved formulation for strong water beading results on your windshield and car glass. Easy to use with no buffing required. Just wipe directly on your vehicle glass to help remove/prevent rain, sleet, snow, ice, bugs and road spray from sticking to glass.


Rain-X-Deep-Cleaning-Windshield-KitDeep Cleaning Windshield Kit 
$12.99 |

Delivering ultimate visibility through clay bar technology, Rain-X Glass Cleaning Lubricant Gel and 50g Glass Cleaning Clay Bar easily remove dirt, tree sap, bugs and water spots from the windshield. The kit also includes a bonus Rain-X Original Glass Treatment for dramatically improved wet weather driving visibility after application.


Slick-50-Rechardged-High-Mileage-Engine-TreatmentSlick 50
Recharged High Mileage Engine Treatment
$19.99 |

Restores lost engine performance to vehicles with over 75,000 miles (120,000 km). It is customized for vehicles that suffer from lost performance due to friction and wear, oil consumption, leaks, smoking and sludge build up. The convenient pour-and-go formula has a fully formulated 10W-30 base and is designed to keep older vehicles running like new.


Slick-50-Supercharged-Synthetic-Engine-TreatmentSlick 50
Supercharged Synthetic Engine Treatment
$21.99 |

Slick 50 Synthetic Engine Treatment unleashes maximum horsepower and ultimate performance. It protects against power robbing friction, heat & wear, helps improve fuel economy, enhances oil durability, cleans & prevents sludge and fights ethanol/water damage. Slick 50 increased horsepower to the crank by 10 horsepower in recent dynamometer test on street vehicles.


Snap-on-TechAngle-Torque-Wrenches3/8-Inch Compact Air Ratchet

This high-speed, low-torque air ratchet will make fast work of any service job. It is ideal for hoods, fenders, mud flaps, intake manifolds, engine brackets, bumpers, transmissions and oil pans, alternators, brake calipers, water pumps and more. Advantages include a 410 rpm free-speed, slim drive head combined with long reach, an adjustable exhaust deflector and 30 lb-ft of maximum torque at just 2.08 lbs.



TechAngle Torque Wrenches

The advanced technology and intuitive design of the new Snap-on TechAngle Torque Wrenches make it possible to tighten fasteners to exacting torque and angle standards faster and more accurately, even under the most demanding conditions. Available in three sizes, 1/4-inch drive, 3/8-inch drive and 1/2-inch drive, the Snap-on TechAngle wrenches feature dual progressive LEDs that allows the user to see active torque at various work positions and a colour-coded LED system that enables the user to anticipate torque and slow down as they get closer to desired torque level, among many other features.


Polymer Net Shield
$27.99 |

SONAX Polymer Net Shield is a polymer based sealant that creates a bonded layer of protection against the elements. The application is quick & easy; takes only 15 minutes to treat a medium sized vehicle. The sealant achieves excellent water repellency for up to six months.


Headlamp Protection Film
Xpel-Headlamp-Protection-Film$69.95 |

XPEL Headlamp Protection Film is an optically clear, non-yellowing, press-polished 30 mil adhesive material featuring a patented, scratch-resistant coating that is nearly impossible to scuff. The film prevents shattered lenses and withstands damage from the impact of 1-inch diameter stone hurtling at 120 mph (193 km/h) into the lamp. Available in sheets or in precision precut kits for a broad range of vehicle makes and models, including universal kits for older vehicles. Available in clear or dark smoke (for show-car and off-road use only).

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