Driving School Guide: ILR Car Control School

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Driving School Guide: ILR Car Control School
ILR Car Control School

Location: Canadian Tire Motorsport Park Driver Development Track (DDT), Bowmanville, Ontario
Price Range: $350 (Advanced Autoslalom) to $440 (Track School) (Group/ Club Discounts also available)
Website: www.carcontrolschool.com

ILR Car Control Schools offer two Performance Driving Schools for all auto enthusiasts. Both courses include informative, interactive classroom sessions and on-track driving exercises to develop a well-rounded skill set. In the classroom, students receive handbooks, pens with detailed discussions, PowerPoint and video presentations. Lunch is also provided. Enthusiasts can also use their own car to gauge the limits of their driving.

Each of our instructors have competition backgrounds. Chief Instructor Ian Law has won Canadian Autoslalom Championships, Touring Car and GT Championship races with over 25 years of experience.
Advanced Autoslalom School: Here enthusiasts can learn how to prepare themselves and their cars for competition. Students learn about reading and walking a course, preparing for an event, weight transfer, racing line, as well as tire tech. The course also includes one free autoslalom race in the Push It To The Limit series.

Track School: this course is an excellent introduction to high performance driving. This full-day class will show you the skills and techniques required to be competitive in competitions such as Solo I, time attack, lapping days or road racing. A helmet is required for this course.

Learning proper technique that will make you a faster. ILR is aimed at helping you understand and develop your technique to get the most out of your vehicle’s technology.Driving School Guide: ILR Car Control School

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