Driving School Guide: Calgary Safety Council Motorcycle Training

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Calgary Safety Council Motorcycle Training
Calgary Safety Council Motorcycle Training

Location: East Balzac, Alberta
Price: $200 to $650
Website: www.calgarysafetycouncil.com

The Calgary Safety Council has been teaching motorcycle enthusiasts in the Southern Alberta region for over 50 years. We train more students than commercial companies in Calgary and our experienced instructors teach for the love of the sport, which shows in the evaluations received from our students.  
Our property is dedicated strictly to motorcycle and scooter training and is located close to a number of amenities, including hotels and entertainment venues.  
While motorcycle courses are the most common and popular, the CSC introduced scooter training in 2007, training over 500 students since. It’s a great option if you want to run around the city or just prepare for a trip. We also offer a ‘ladies only’ program, which has been a hit among the students and instructors. Many of them continue to stay in touch, return for additional training and organize friendly road trips to build their proficiency.
Another new adaptation this year is the ‘Gearing Up’ course in Okotoks, south of Calgary. Many CSC students come from towns surrounding Calgary, so we started the program to train students who aren’t able to attend at our East Balzac location.

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